Vice Chancellor


Dr Samarendra Pratap Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of AKU, Patna has remarkable academic as well as administrative achievements to his credit. He has served as the Vice-Chancellor, Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga and has worked as the Principal & Superintendent, D.M.C.H., Darbhanga. He was also head the department of Anesthesia, A.N.M.M.C., Gaya and D.M.C., Darbhanga. He had been a member of M.C.I. He has also worked as Chairman- Teacher's Eligibility Qualification Committee, MCI, Inspected medical colleges as Inspector of MCI for Recognition of courses like M. D. He was Chairman of Specialty Board of Anesthesiology, National Board of Examination, New Delhi and has contributed as chairman of various boards of different Universities and Government. Dr. Singh has a exposure to national & international conferences as the chairperson and organizer. He has guided several Ph.D. & M.D. students. He has also written a book namely Higher Education in India: Issues and Concerns and his numerous papers have been published in various national/international journals.

Presently Dr. Singh is Institute Body Member of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, and Member, State Higher Education Council of Bihar, Patna.


My dear students and esteemed colleagues,

It is a privilege to be the Vice Chancellor of a young and rapidly progressing Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna, Bihar. Bihar has a long and proud tradition as a distinguished education provider, a land of Vikramshila University - Bhagalpur, Odantapuri University - Bihar Sharif and Nalanda University - Nalanda famous for their excellence in producing and spreading Knowledge. It is from this strong foundation and experience in learning and teaching that we grow and shape our future.

We will continue the past tradition to invest in our student experience, developing and expanding our range of academic programmes, ensuring the high quality of our curriculum and its delivery to provide our students with the skills for life and work in a world where talent recognizes no boundaries. Gearing up the students for passing the examinations and obtaining the degrees would only be incidental and secondary. Our focus will be value education and production of knowledge, accessible and affordable to all, to shape future of education, to make the most powerful and positive changes in the world and also to cope with the changes.

AKU was established to articulate and affirm the fundamental value and purpose of higher education i.e. Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge. It will nurture the hopes by solving challenges through unlocking and harnessing new knowledge and by creating environment that promote dialogue and debate.

As we look to the future one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after within India and around the world. Our challenge is to help generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train people to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to solve problems.

We must make the following commitments to meet future challenges and uphold these values in the years ahead:

  • We must harness our power to advance discovery, learning across fields, and seek solutions to the most consequential problems of society.
  • We must seek to set a standard for innovation in pedagogy and commit to its promotion.
  • We must be unsurpassed in our global reach and impact, as well as in the integration of global perspectives into our research and teaching. We must exemplify the centrality of meaning, values, and creativity in the mission of the research university.
  • We must offer more prominence to innovation and hands-on discovery inherent in engineering, medicine and other subjects as well as to experiential learning beyond the classroom. These are all critical components of thinking and knowing.
  • We must attract and support the most talented students and faculty, the heart and the engine of all we aspire to be and do, and provide them with required resources to perform their best.
  • We must create a campus and physical environment, embodying the intellectual vision AKU, to fulfill our ambitions and goals.

You are aware that AKU has already been working on the new frontiers of higher education. Aryabhatta Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology has been functional since 2013 and three new academic centres namely Centre for River Studies; Centre for Journalism & Mass Communication; and Patliputra Centre for Economics would be established shortly.

We are committed to mobilize AKU's intellectual, human, and financial resources and need your unconditional support to fully realize the aforementioned promise. We invite you to visit our website and come along to see us at one of our open days, where you will quickly discover why a growing number of students choose to study with us each year.

I look forward to welcome you to our University.

Vice –Chancellor
Aryabhatta knowledge University, Patna
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